Microfiber Flat Mopping Systems

Microfiber Flat Mopping SystemsA recent study conducted amongst specialised cleaning services providers has indicated that fifty four percent of the company’s available budget goes to cover labour expenses, and thirty percent is spent on equipment and materials. To elaborate – a thirty percent expenditure on materials and equipment is too much. In light of this, many professional cleaners have decided to make the switch to microfiber mopping systems with on board chemicals.

The first and most important benefit of using microfiber mops is their almost unbelievable efficiency. The mop soaks up much more liquid than conventional string mops, plus it retains liquid much better for longer – this means no drips or leaks while being carried around the premises. Another huge benefit is the presence of on board chemicals which are dispensed as necessary on a clean, rinsed mop – whereas, a string mop is always dipped in a bucket of (dirty) water. Feeding cleaning agents to the mop directly through its handle allows cleaning teams to apply the mop directly to the flooring surface whilst still clean. In other words the need to lug around a heavy bucket of dirty water is almost eradicated.By doing this, cleaners reduce their work time up to three times. Another upside of microfiber mops is their lightweight construction.

A conventional string mop will eventually become soaked and heavy thus take more effort to lug around which increases cleaning time. A microfiber one will weigh only a fraction of the weight, either dry or wet. Savvy cleaners will point out that the weight of the on board chemicals should also be factored in, and it is – people who use these mops actually feel the weight of the chemicals counterbalances the weight of a wet mop (as little as it may be) thus making the tool easier to manoeuvre. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using these lightweight cleaning tools is their ergonomic user friendliness. The mop is always light, easy to move around. This reduces staff frustration and obviously the risk of personal injury, like work related chronic back pain for instance.

All mop handles are retractable and adjustable. The handles are sufficiently long, which means cleaning teams can work upright, with their shoulders back, not hunched over which is common when the mop handle is too short for the person using it. Using these mops will also reduce fatigue and wear out when cleaners are using erroneous cleaning motions like back and forth strokes (not uncommon). The right way to mop floors is in a figure eight motion/pattern.