How to efficiently clean your toilet

No one wants to clean the toilet, am I right? It’s at the bottom of our to-do list and everyone avoids doing it. But it’s necessary.

What if I told you a couple of secrets that will make this chore a lot easier and less time-consuming? I am not saying that toilet cleaning is going to magically turn into your favorite activity but it will be far less annoying.

Prepare everything that you are going to need:

  1. A toilet brush
  2. Cola
  3. Vinegar

Clean your toilet using cola

Have you heard that cola actually is a great cleaning method? If you haven’t then you can try it out on your own and see what it’s actually pretty effective. Simply pour cola around the rim of the toilet. Let it sit for at least an hour – if there are any stains on your toilet then it’s best to leave the coke overnight.

Then proceed with scrubbing with your toilet brush then simply flush the toilet – and your toilet is clean in no time.

Clean your toilet with vinegar

Vinegar is an amazing cleaning tool – both removes dirt and kills bacteria. Grab white vinegar, spray your toilet with it and leave overnight. Scrub with toilet brush on the next day and you are ready.

Clean the toilet seat as well

Never forget cleaning the toilet seat – it’s a place where so many bacteria stay.

All you need is baking soda and water – mix three tablespoons of baking soda and six tablespoons of water in a bowl (warm water). The mixture needs to turn into a paste – once it does, apply the paste on the seat and leave it there for minutes. You can scrub using a toothbrush as well, then rinse with warm water and the toilet seat will be clean and germs-free again.