How To Clean Your Shower Head Like A Pro?

When it comes to cleaning shower heads not only is bringing their shine back important but also bringing back the water pressure that this shower used to have once. Unfortunately, no commercial cleaner has the power to do that which is why I had to start paying attention to all of those DIY recipes for cleaners using natural ingredients. I understood that this is the only way to really clean a shower and take care of the water pressure with just a few easy steps.

Don’t believe me? Well, I learned this trick from my friends over at which is a very popular cleaning company in London. The pros use it – so why can’t you?

How To Clean Your Shower Head Like A Pro?

You need a plastic bag – fill it with vinegar and place the showerhead in there. Secure the bag with a rubber band and let it soak overnight.

Vinegar is a super powerful ingredient that will loosen up all the impurities without any issues – you just have to let it work its magic. This is why I leave it overnight. After everyone at home had already taken showers in the evening, I just do what I described earlier.

Then, in the morning, I take an old toothbrush so I can scrub all of the loosened-up impurities from the showerhead. Also, I highly recommend you grab a safety pin and clear all of the holes – that way you will bring back the water pressure!

And just like that, your shower head is spotless, clean, and ready to be used again. It’s super easy, affordable, and approved by experts!