How to Clean Your Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

Chrome fixtures are very durable, however, they have one downfall – how easy they start looking dull and get dirty. Today, I will show you how to take care of your chrome bathroom fixtures and make sure they always look good.

How to Clean Your Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

First let’s start off by saying that you shouldn’t neglect chrome fixtures and should clean them on regular basis. The longer you wait, the worse they will start to look and the harder the cleaning will become.

This is why you need to clean them at least once every two days. The cleaning doesn’t have to be fancy or time-consuming. In fact, all you need is water, dish detergent, and a cloth. Rinse the fixtures, apply soap on the cloth, scrub the fixtures, rinse them again, and then dry them. Never let them air-dry because hard water stains will form.

Now, once or twice a month, it’s good to give your bathroom chrome fixtures a deeper cleaning. I like to use vinegar because it’s acidic and is great for removing impurities as well as hard water stains. I just spray vinegar on them then I wait a few minutes before wiping with a cloth.

And my last tip is to apply chrome wax on the fixtures so they are protected. If you can’t find chrome wax then you can simply use car wax – it will also do the trick plus it’s less expensive.