How To Clean A Toilet Brush?

I am almost certain that whenever you clean your bathroom you forget one small thing – the toilet brush and the holder. But keep in mind that it’s such an important step to take if you want your bathroom to be hygienic and spotless!

How To Clean A Toilet Brush?

I like cleaning mine with bleach – it’s effective and it surely removes all the bacteria!

I start with filling a bucket with hot water then pouring a little bit of the bleach. I place the toilet brush in the bucket and leave it for a few hours to soak. Then I simply take it out, rinse it, and the brush is now clean and free of any germs!

How To Clean A Toilet Brush Holder?

In addition to cleaning the toilet brush, you also can’t forget about the holder… Cleaning the one without the other is pointless!

I like using rubbing alcohol as it’s a great way to get rid of any germs. You can also use any bleach spray or disinfectant you find in the store – it’s up to you!

You can also use the same cleaning method I use for cleaning the toilet brush – bleach. Again, fill a bucket with hot water, add bleach, and submerge the holder in the mixture. Let it soak for a few hours then rinse!