Cleaning the Fireplace

Fireplace CleaningNow that the winter is over, it is time to clean out the fireplace and have it ready for the next heating season. The fireplace doesn’t get cleaned too often so you can put some extra effort and make your heating more efficient next winter. A clean fireplace is not only more efficient, but also safer to use. You can also find more cool tips in the website of End of Tenancy. They have an expert opinion on everything it seems.

Necessary products and materials:

  • kneeling pad, small shovel, couple of dust brushes, scrubbing brush, glass cleaner, apron, large plastic tarp, pair of rubber gloves, lidded rubbish bin, used coffee grounds, spray bottle full of water, dishwashing liquid, soft cloth and paper towels.

The interior cleaning process:

  • Wait about twenty four hours after you last used the fireplace so that all ashes are cool.

  • Put on the apron and spread the plastic tarp in front of the fireplace.

  • Put on the rubber gloves and kneel down on the pad, get comfortable

  • Remove logs, tinder and the fireplace grate, throw out charcoals, partially burnt logs etc. and place them on the plastic tarp beside you.

  • Sprinkle the used coffee grounds generously all over the ashes to reduce flyways.

  • Sweep each interior wall of the fireplace using the hard bristle brush and collect the extra ashes with the dust pan (small shovel), sweep walls top down, dump ash and coffee grounds in the lidded bin.

  • Sweep each fireplace screen using the same hard bristle brush.

Fireplace CleaningThe exterior cleaning process:

  • Bricks should be cleaned of any soot and ash using warm water, don’t use hearth cleaners on bricks older than fifty years or more.

  • Scrub the bricks gently until all blemishes are gone – remember to use only water on older bricks.

  • Wipe the bricks with a rag after you cleaned them.

  • For marble and stone fireplaces, use warm water and dishwasher to rub off soot and ash, finish by wiping clean the stone surface using a damp cloth, finally dry the surface using a different rag.

  • Fireplace glass doors should be cleaned using hearth cleaner, or optionally you can rub them with the ashes from the fireplace as this too removes burnt on residue.

  • Apply hearth cleaner on both sides of the glass door, be quick to rub it around and make sure you don’t miss any spots.

  • Wipe off the soot and hearth cleaner, before the compound has dried up.

  • Polish tools and grates using the hearth cleaner.