Cleaning Tips You Never Heard Of

Cleaning Tips

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There are many cleaning techniques and tricks that usually get overlooked in the vast array of ever changing cleaning methods people use to clean their homes. More so, many cleaning products and materials go unused simply because there is something new on the market. However, most people will find these never heard before cleaning tips quite useful. Here are some things that might make your house cleaning cheaper, easier and more efficient. Tips are provided by our friends in Carpet Cleaning Eltham and we’ve got some guidance from the street cleaning program of Eltham.

  • Magic sponges or eraser sponges have been available on the market for many years. Although there is nothing magic about them they can actually do a lot of cleaning, as long as you use them correctly. Magic sponges are usually dubbed ineffective but when used properly they can cut your cleaning time in half.

  • Coffeemaker filters are ideal for cleaning glass and polished surfaces without risk of scratches. The coffee filters leave no streaks or greasy smears on freshly cleaned surfaces. More so, they are cheap as chips and work much better than paper towels.

  • Musty bathroom odours are bad news and the smell seems almost impossible to remove. What you can do is dilute some vinegar in warm water and use a spray bottle to spray the solution around the bathroom. There will be no hint of vinegar or that stuffy smell.

  • Wet pumice (artificial sea foam) will work miracles inside your oven. This product is times better at cleaning the residue and staining inside the oven than any spray-on solvent. Try for yourself.

  • Vacuuming of bathroom mats on the spot is a nuisance especially when they are damp. Instead, hang them to dry for an hour or so, depending on the weather and vacuum them to a perfect finish with ease.

  • Cleaning TipsDon’t ever use vinegar or lemon acid (or any other acid for that matter) to clean laminated flooring. It might be tempting to lift those stubborn stains, but chances are there will be damage caused to the top layer of the floor.

  • A good quality dishwashing liquid like Neverdirt can be an excellent all-purpose cleaner when diluted correctly in warm water. Using a spray bottle to apply the solution is even better.

  • Cleaners which contain rhubarb powder as their active ingredient are ideal for cleaning of certain glasswork, terracotta, porcelain and all other tile work without risk of damage.

  • Clean off annoying cobwebs from nooks and crannies by putting a sock around the mop’s extension pole. Easy, quick and very functional – you can even use it to clean under heavy appliances that cannot be moved.