Microfiber Flat Mopping Systems

A recent study conducted amongst specialised cleaning services providers has indicated that fifty four percent of the company’s available budget goes to cover labour expenses, and thirty percent is spent on equipment and materials. To elaborate – a thirty percent expenditure on materials and equipment is too much. In light of this, many professional cleaners … [Read more…]

How to clean a microwave

Microwave Cleaning

Having a clean microwave is as important as having a clean stove or oven. We were told by London Oven Cleaners several ways to clean a microwave and we will present them to you. Method 1: Cleaning with Vinegar: Fill a glass bowl half full of water and add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Place … [Read more…]

Cleaning the Fireplace

Fireplace Cleaning

Now that the winter is over, it is time to clean out the fireplace and have it ready for the next heating season. The fireplace doesn’t get cleaned too often so you can put some extra effort and make your heating more efficient next winter. A clean fireplace is not only more efficient, but also … [Read more…]