How to Remove Chocolate Stains From Your Clothes?

Everyone loves chocolate and eats it every day which means one thing – everyone also deals with chocolate stains on their clothes. Either you weren’t too careful and you touched your shirt while your fingers were covered in chocolate or you accidentally dropped some, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is for you to learn … [Read more…]

How to Clean Your Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

Chrome fixtures are very durable, however, they have one downfall – how easy they start looking dull and get dirty. Today, I will show you how to take care of your chrome bathroom fixtures and make sure they always look good. How to Clean Your Chrome Bathroom Fixtures First let’s start off by saying that … [Read more…]

How To Clean Your Shower Head Like A Pro?

When it comes to cleaning shower heads not only is bringing their shine back important but also bringing back the water pressure that this shower used to have once. Unfortunately, no commercial cleaner has the power to do that which is why I had to start paying attention to all of those DIY recipes for … [Read more…]

How to Easily Clean a Jetted Tub?

If you have a jetted tub at home then you know how incredible it is. I have been wanting one for the longest time – and a year ago I looked for houses to buy. Thankfully, the one I liked most and did decide to buy has a jetted tub inside. But after using it … [Read more…]

How To Clean A Toilet Brush?

I am almost certain that whenever you clean your bathroom you forget one small thing – the toilet brush and the holder. But keep in mind that it’s such an important step to take if you want your bathroom to be hygienic and spotless! How To Clean A Toilet Brush? I like cleaning mine with bleach – it’s effective and it … [Read more…]

Learn how to remove water stains from wood

I think we all know that water and wood don’t mix well and it is quite possible to experience water stains. Of course, you should always apply oil-based or water-based sealers to protect the wood, however, if you forgot you are probably dealing with water stains now and you want to know how to get rid of them. … [Read more…]

How to efficiently clean your toilet

No one wants to clean the toilet, am I right? It’s at the bottom of our to-do list and everyone avoids doing it. But it’s necessary. What if I told you a couple of secrets that will make this chore a lot easier and less time-consuming? I am not saying that toilet cleaning is going … [Read more…]

How to deal with carpet cleaning

It seems like lately everyone tries to stay away from carpets because of how complicated the cleaning is. Carpet cleaning is no longer something very few people do – it is talked about. The benefits of a clean carpet are numerous. If you want to have a healthy home environment and you want to have … [Read more…]

3 foods you shouldn’t wash before cooking them

There are some foods that even if you wash – it’s pointless and won’t do any good. And in some cases, you might even spread more bacteria and make everything worse. Actually, by ‘’some foods’’ I mean only three – raw chicken, eggs and red meat. Washing these three things before cooking them won’t do … [Read more…]

Microfiber Flat Mopping Systems

A recent study conducted amongst specialised cleaning services providers has indicated that fifty four percent of the company’s available budget goes to cover labour expenses, and thirty percent is spent on equipment and materials. To elaborate – a thirty percent expenditure on materials and equipment is too much. In light of this, many professional cleaners … [Read more…]

How to clean a microwave

Microwave Cleaning

Having a clean microwave is as important as having a clean stove or oven. We were told by London Oven Cleaners several ways to clean a microwave and we will present them to you. Method 1: Cleaning with Vinegar: Fill a glass bowl half full of water and add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Place … [Read more…]

Cleaning the Fireplace

Fireplace Cleaning

Now that the winter is over, it is time to clean out the fireplace and have it ready for the next heating season. The fireplace doesn’t get cleaned too often so you can put some extra effort and make your heating more efficient next winter. A clean fireplace is not only more efficient, but also … [Read more…]